Super Mario Bros. 3 - Part 2: The Dreaded Desert Two’s ( I hate the fact that the airships move! If you can’t beat the airship you end up chasing it allover the fucking map! That can get really annoying! )


Remember when I drew Donkey Kong all suave with swag? Well, here are the sketches I did of some of the other Kong family members. 

I’ll finish them someday…

These sketches are amazing!

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My Top 10 PS1 Soundtracks! - Caddicarus ( I was able to guess a good bit of the top ten soundtracks on this list. They are very popular. )


Maybe they’re trying to kill them from overload of cuteness?

I love the description of Disarming Voice! That description makes me laugh my ass off!

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South Park Stick of Truth -7- CRAIG’S DETENTION ( The Mr. Slave summon is made of so much fucking win! I forgot that this game had summons in it. )


It’s a fucking duel disc.

I did not notice that Mega Gallade’s arm looks like a Duel Disk. Guys did you notice this?

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Cry n’ Cox Play: Resident Evil 6 [Ada & Guy] [P4] ( This story is somewhat interesting. But Agent keeps making things weird. )

ZERO PUNCTUATION: The Sims 4 - Player First! ( This game is full of glitches. All i keep seeing are weird baby glitches. So this game seems poorly built. )

SGB Play: Sly 2: Band of Thieves - Part 18 ( I find it weird that some of the chapters don’t have boss battles. The game feels like it’s missing a lot of boss battles. )

Anonymous said: You can start whenever you want, just remember to have fun and be yourself! If you start making videos, I wish you luck.

I can’t just start. I don’t have the money for the stuff i need to get started. I wanted to make videos the same way as my favorite LP and review makes do. But i don’t have the money to get what they use. And on top of that a better computer would be nice too.