Mario Party 3 - Part 1: In the beginning… ( It’s time for a Mario Party! This is going to get really interesting. )

SGB Play: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories - Part 24 ( The Darkside boss battle kind of sucks in this game. Darkside is really easy. Johnny made Darkside even easier. )

Let’s Play Sonic Unleashed! (Part 32) ( I though Cobi would be in this LP sooner or later. The funny thing is i had a lot of control problems in the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. And as for how Shadow the Hedgehog controls. If you remember Shadow Skates around. So he controls like he is skating. )

Super Mario 3D World - Part 6: Dr. “Worthless Shit” Toad ( The characters switches are always the Stamp. And Mount Mush Dash is one of my favorite levels in the game! )

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Nature Day ( I really need to move my Gold Furniture out of my basement. )

Mario Party 4 - Toad’s Midway Madness [Part 3] ( Right now Emile has a giant amount of coins. )

Takeshi’s Challenge - JonTron ( Have any of you guys ever played Takeshi’s Challenge? Or have any of you guys ever beaten Takeshi’s Challenge? I would really love to know. )

Cry Plays: Dishonored [P12] ( Overall Cry did really well. He really should use Sleep Darts more. )

SGB Play: The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - Part 1 ( This episode gets really crazy later. )

Super Smash Bros. 64 - Part 3: SO. HAPPY. ( I never really like the fact that this game has a small number or stages and characters. But this was still a good first game. I still to this day has never played this Super Smash Bros. )